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Individual Blueberry Cobbler

If you've gone blueberry picking and need an easy blueberry recipe to make, this individual blueberry cobbler won't disappoint. It's the perfect combination of tart and sweet, and comes together in just under an hour! 

Individual Blueberry Cobbler

Individual Blueberry Cobbler:

This individual blueberry cobbler comes together by pouring a blueberry pie filling into the bottom of a small baking dish. I have provided the directions below to make this pie filling from scratch. If you want an easier option, feel free to purchase a pie filling from the store. The only issue with that is that I personally find them too be too much syrup/liquid and not nearly enough blueberries.

Then you make the cobbler topping by mixing together the butter, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, and salt. Once the mixture comes together and resembles a cookie dough mixture, sprinkle it on top of the pie filling before baking in the oven for 40 minutes.

The Difference Between a Cobbler and a Crisp:

The main difference between a crisp and a cobbler is that cobblers traditionally have more of a biscuit dough topping while a crips is usually made from a combination of oats and sugar, and resembles more of a granola consistency. Cobblers are typically a heavier dessert while crips are often lighter. 

Individual Blueberry Cobbler

Mini Baking Dishes:

If you're frequently making single serving recipes, you should get cookware to better suite these recipes. Some of my favorite smaller serving bakeware options are these five inch pie plates that I used for this recipe, these ramekins, and this small casserole dish.

All of my cook times for these recipes are based off of using the appropriate size baking dish, so it is important to use the right equipment. If you use a large baking dish and just have food along the very bottom of the pan, the food will burn if the dish is too large. Cooking in the right size dish means that there is the correct depth for the foods in the pan, and the cook times will be more accurate. 

Individual Blueberry Cobbler

Can Huckleberries Instead of Blueberries?

If you live in Utah or Idaho, you know there are a plethora of wild huckleberries available this time of year. You can definitely substitute the blueberries in this recipe for huckleberries if you have them on hand. If you choose to use huckleberries, try to use the ones that are more purple in color than red, the red ones tend to be too tart. 

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