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Single Serving Apple Crisp

Single serving apple crisp is the perfect treat to make when you have an abundance of apples on hand. This recipe comes together in a little over 30 minutes, but it won't take that long to eat. 

single serving apple crisp

Single Serving Apple Crisp:

This single serving apple crisp recipe comes together with a lot of basic pantry ingredients. If uses the same apple pie base filling as my single serving apple pie recipe, with the addition of a brown sugar oat crumble topping. 

If you want to make this recipe even easier, you could use an apple pie filling purchased from the grocery store, and then bake it in a mini baking dish with the crumb mixture on top and you would have a super easy single serving apple crisp with half the work. If you enjoy small batch cooking from scratch like I do, continue on with the rest of this recipe. 

single serving apple crisp

The Difference Between Crisp and Cobbler:

The major difference between a crisp and a cobbler is the topping. Essentially all crisp and cobblers are a fruit pie filling mixture poured into the bottom of a baking dish with no pie crust. Then it's a choose your own adventure with whether or not you want a crisp or a cobbler.  A crisp traditionally is a crumble mixture made with oats, flour, and brown sugar. A cobbler is traditionally more like a biscuit topping that bakes down into the pie filling mixture. The result is a cake/biscuit on top, with warm fruit filling on the bottom. A crisp is more of a lighter dessert, where a cobbler is much more filling.

Mini Baking Dishes:

When making single serving recipes, mini baking dishes are important. I used my five inch pie plate for this single serving apple crisp recipe. Some other small baking dishes that I love are this mini casserole dish, and these plain white ramekins. Those are the three bakeware items are what I use for all of my baked recipes.

single serving apple crisp

The Best Apples for Apple Crisp:

I definitely prefer to bake with more tart than sweet apples. For the longest time I only ever baked with granny smith apples. Recently though I started using pink lady apples and I think they're the absolute best! They're the perfect balance of tart and sweet without being too tart like a lot of granny smith apples. I recommend using pink lady apples in all of my recipes. 

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