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Berry Station Kaysville + Grateful Donut Company

The Berry Station and Grateful Donut Company in Kaysville, UT is a 2-for-1 eating experience with two great dessert restaurants in one. If you're in the mood for frozen yogurt, or mini donuts, this is the place for you. 

Berry Station Kaysville

The Berry Station Kaysville:

The Berry Station started off as a frozen yogurt shop several years ago in Kaysville. They have since added to their menu and business with The Grateful Donut Company which is located in the same shop, but with a seprate menu. 

The Berry Station is different that most frozen yogurt companies in that they get to handpick all of their suppliers. With most franchise frozen yogurt shops they get all their flavors from one company, meaning some flavors are better than others. The Berry Station hand picks their favorite flavors from their favorite suppliers. This means they're able to get the best flavors across all brands, which makes for a better experience for the consumer. 

Berry Station Kaysville

The Grateful Donut Company:

We admittedly did not try the froyo when we went to The Berry Station, and were there specifically checking out the Grateful Donut Company. They specifically sell only mini cake donuts, and they have them prepped in a wide variety of fun flavors. We ordered a dozen mini donuts for the two kids and I and we each had three mini donuts and brought the rest home for leftovers. 

We basically picked one of each flavor available. The kids loved the donuts with the Oreo and the Froot Loops (true kids at heart here!), and my personal favorites were the more fruity flavors like the key lime pie and the blueberry. They were all delicious though, and I don't think you can go wrong with any of the flavors! 

The Grateful Donut Company also gives every customer one free cinnamon sugar donut to share with a friend in a small little box. I definitely love that business model and it was a great way to talk to the kids about showing gratitude towards others and being a kind friend. 

Berry Station Kaysville

The Berry Station + Grateful Donut Company Location:

The Berry Station and Grateful Donut Company are located on 200 N in Kaysville near the Smith's Market Place. Their official address is:

238 N Flint St.
Kaysville, UT 84037

They're open daily from 11am-10pm and are closed on Sundays. 

Berry Station Kaysville

Overall Rating for The Berry Station and Grateful Donut Company:

I would give this small shop a 10/10 rating. The donuts were delicious, I love their business model, and it's an easy and accessible place to get to if you live in Davis County. It would be a fun family weeknight outing with the kids, or a great place to gather with girl friends after bedtime. We will definitely be back in the future! 

Berry Station Kaysville

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