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Goochy-Goo BBQ Review

Goochy-Goo BBQ is a BBQ eatery located in Midway, Utah. They're well known for their smoked meats and creative menu options. 

Goochy-Goo BBQ

Derek and I recently went to Midway, Utah to celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary. We decided it was a great opportunity to eat our way through this cute small town and document it in an insane amount of reviews on singleservingsize.com. The very first stop on our trip was Goochy-Goo BBQ. I was insanely hungry, and this did not disappoint. 

Goochy-Goo BBQ:

Goochy-Goo BBQ has a wide variety of items on their menu. They have an array of meats to choose from including brisket, chicken, sausage, and pulled pork. Derek and I admittedly both chose the pork. It was delicious, but it means we can't vouch for the other meats, although based on our experience I'm sure they're delicious. 

The have a handful of different sides: baked beans, coleslaw, mac n cheese, potato salad, and a Utah delicacy, Funeral Potatoes. We ended up trying the potato salad which was alright. Not good, not bad, just... potato salad. I will admit I was slightly disappointed that they didn't have french fries. To me it would be an obvious add on to the menu that would clearly sell... but alas you have to expand your horizons a bit when you come here. 

Derek ended up getting the pulled pork sandwich and the previously mentioned potato salad. I got these super loaded nachos that aren't mentioned in their online menu so I can't tell you the exact name... but you can't miss them when you get inside. Literally, there is a picture with the name right by the cash register. You can't miss it.

We ended up both LOVING our meals. The nachos were honestly some of the best nachos that I've ever had in my life. Which is shocking because I actually really don't like BBQ. Derek loves BBQ which is why we went in the first place, but I was pleasantly surprised. 

Derek's Sandwich was also delicious. The bun seemed to be homemade. It didn't crumble and fall apart when you bit into it, and the bun to meat ratio was spot on. If you're a foodie like me you know that the bun to meat ratio can be hard to perfect, but have no fear, Goochy-Goo has mastered it. 

Goochy-Goo BBQ

Goochy-Goo BBQ Location:

Goochy-Goo BBQ is right in the heart of downtown Midway. They share a building with the Chevron gas station. Don't let that deter you from going in, because I was admittedly hesitant at first. They are both fairly separated from each other on the inside, and there is a lot of indoor and outdoor seating for guests. 

Goocy-Goo BBQ Address:

51 W Main St
Midway, UT 84049

Goochy-Goo BBQ

Goochy-Goo BBQ

Overall Rating of Goochy-Goo BBQ:

I would give Goochy-Goo BBQ a solid 8/10 review. Which is high considering I traditionally don't love BBQ. I think they had unique meal options such as sandwiches, nachos, tacos, stews, enchiladas, and more. The meat was cooked well, and they're not afraid to take risks (like funeral potatoes!). I would like to see french fries added to the menu, and the coke machine wasn't working when we were there, but overall it was a great experience and I'd totally go back. 

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