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Small Batch Dill Pickle Recipe

 This small batch dill pickle recipe is the perfect side dish to go with any quick and easy summer meal or BBQ with friends. 

Small Batch Dill Pickle Recipe

Pickles are super easy to make with just a few pantry ingredients that you already have on hand. They're a great way to use up all the cucumbers you might be growing in your garden this summer, and are the perfect side to add to an easy lunch or dinner any night of the week. 

Small Batch Dill Pickle Recipe:

This small batch dill pickle recipe uses really simple ingredients such as mini english cucumbers, vinegar, water, salt, sugar, and a pickling seasoning. You can make your own pickling seasoning if you choose, but you can also purchase a premade one at the store like I used in this recipe. 

This recipe makes exactly one pint of pickles. Enough that you can enjoy them for a few meals, but not enough that you're feeling completely overwhelmed by pickles and never want to see them again. 

Small Batch Dill Pickle Recipe

DIY Pickling Seasoning:

If you want to make your own pickling spice instead of purchasing a mixture already made, this is a great route to go if you have all the spices in your cabinet. I was short a few spices and it ended up being cheaper to purchase the mixture than to purchase the spices individually. To make your own pickling seasoning for this recipe you will need:
  • 1 tablespoon coriander seeds
  • 1/2 teaspoon mustard seeds
  • 1/8 teaspoon red pepper flakes

Kitchen Tools to Make Pickles:

There really aren't that many special kitchen tools you need for making pickles. The only real specific thing you need is a mason jar with a lid. You can purchase an entire box of mason jars with lids online if you would like, but if you don't want a ton of mason jars on hand, you can simply purchase one jar with a lid at the dollar store. This is the route I took for this recipe. 

Small Batch Dill Pickle Recipe

How Long Do Dill Pickles Last in the Fridge?

Because of the brine that you prepare for the pickles they can be preserved and kept in the refrigerator safely for up to one month. Pickles do not freeze well, so I don't recommend that method for preservation, plus you run the risk of the jars bursting in the freezer. Plus this small batch dill pickle recipe is so tasty they won't last long anyways. 

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